Regain a Beautiful Smile with Bridges

Are you tired of living with missing teeth? Do you want a stable, permanent restoration to improve your appearance and your ability to speak and eat? If so, call Sugar Land Dental Wellness at (281) 201-6333 for an appointment with our dentist for a dental bridge in Sugar Land, Texas. Dr. Emily Gardner may suggest this option as an alternative to a partial denture or if you are not interested in dental implants.

A dental bridge is a restoration our team can provide to help our patients with a missing tooth or missing teeth achieve a full, healthy, beautiful smile again. A bridge is formed from one or more artificial teeth that are anchored into place by two dental crowns custom fit to your smile. It is known as a fixed restoration, meaning it is non-removable and is unlikely to slip or come loose in your mouth. The entire process for acquiring a dental crown can typically be completely in two simple visits to our office, but the results can last for many, many years if they are properly cared for.

Receiving a dental bridge can help address a number of dental issues, including:

  • Shifting of your natural teeth as a result of tooth loss
  • Difficulty speaking, eating and chewing normally
  • Inconvenient or loose partial dentures
  • Unwanted changes to the shape and volume of your face as a result of tooth loss
  • Unsightly gaps in your smile
  • Excess stress on your bite

When you visit our office for a dental bridge, our team can help you decide whether a custom-made dental bridge is the right restoration choice for your smile. To learn more, feel free to call or visit our team today.


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